Freelance Web Developer

I help you with bringing your web experiences to life, from conception through production.

I was born in Al-Dhahran, almost 30 years ago. Ever the tech enthusiast from a young age, I was interested in computers ever since I was a kid, that fascination lead me to programming, specifically web design in my early university days. I am currently on hiatus from university, and currently employed by Jarir bookstores as a part-time, after-sales representative, with the rest of my time dedicated to honing my craft as a software engineer in general, and a web designer/developer in particular. I am currently based in Jeddah.

tools I use for design:


tools I use for development:


Visual Studio Code

actual projects will go here :D


Q: What time zone are you in?
A: I live in Jeddah, so my time zone is AST (UTC +3)

Q: Do you charge an hourly rate?
A: No, that is stressful, both for me and you, and it's also not practical.

Q: Are you working with a team?
A: No, not at this time.

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